Michael Marston
Seattle based Music Producer/Engineer
Thanks for taking a look.  I'm Mike.  I've been a producer for the last 15 years.  I've done mostly Rock, Blues and Alternative music with a little country and folk music thrown in.  I started my career working at the Legendary Cherokee Studios in L.A.  It was a super experience learning from the Robb brothers and all the great engineers and producers who passed through the door.  I got to work on projects with Waren Zevon who had Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty play on his record.  Spent a lot of time working with Ronnie Laws from Earth Wind and Fire.  One of the best singers I've worked with to this day was Anthony Hamilton who was recording some background vocals for Twista.  He ended up coming back to Cherokee to record his own album.  After Cherokee my wife and I decided to move back to Minnesota, her home state where I started my career as an independent producer/engineer.  Over the years I've done a lot of work at Rob Genadek's Brewhouse studio and at Pachyderm where I met Jason Paulson who was recording with the Band Grayson.  Jason and I have had a long friendship and I can't remember how many albums I've done for him as this point but he is the one who got me into doing some country music which has been a lot of fun.  
During all this my wife and I spent four years in India.  I did do a few sessions at a studio there but I spent most of my time volunteering at a school for underprivileged kids.  That was such a great experience.  I also spent a great deal of time trying to make the Indian pro golf tour.  I got close, but no cigar.  
In the last. 15 years I've spent time as the front of house for the Johnny Holm Band. I've mixed the band Heart on a live TV show.  I spent a week with Tom Lord-Alge learning some of his tricks, and in the middle I've made a bunch of great records with great musicians, who have become great friends.  I love making records with musicians who are excited to be in the studio.   
I moved to Seattle last year because I've always wanted to do a record with Pearl Jam.  Ok that's not why I moved here but I would love to work with those guys.  I moved here because I wanted to do something new, to work in different studios and to make new friends who love making music.  Most of the studio owners I've met so far have been awesome and I'm really enjoying the projects that I've been working on.  If someone could work on making the sun shine a little more that would be perfect. 
How I work..
Usually I met a band and we discuss what they are trying to accomplish.  Next it's writing and practice time.  I try to help the band get their material ready for the studio.  Sometimes it's a few practice sessions and sometimes it's a lot.   Sometimes the band need a lot of writing help, sometimes it's just a few tweaks. But I like to get the band to a point where they feel like they can really nail it when they get to the studio.  In the studio I'm the Engineer and the producer.  The engineer side is to make sure that we are getting the right sound.  That all the mics are in the right place and that they all sound like they should.  The Producer side is to make sure that we get great performances from the band.  So this is quality control, stoping the band when they are messing up and Environment Control, making sure the band feels comfortable and that they like the set up, that there is enough beer but not too much beer.  
The next step is mixing the record.  This is usually about 1 to 2 days per song.  My mixes don't have one particular sound.  I mix every song from scratch (as opposed to some engineers who load up every song into one session)  That way every song sounds different and you don't get ear fatigue listening to a record.   Usually the band is not there when I mix.  It's super boring to watch someone else mix, if you want to be there that's cool but you're probably going to go a little crazy listening to the same song 200 times.   When the mixes are done, I'll send you an overnight mix so you can listen to it and make comments for anything you want to be different.  Some songs have no changes and some songs go through lots of changes, it's just part of the process.  But I will keep working on it till everyone is happy. 
If you would like to work with me drop me a message in the contact page.  I don't put my phone number or e-mail here because of all the scammers, but I will get back to you.  I'm not taking on any new interns or assistants at the moment so please don't e-mail me looking for a job, but I'm happy to answer any questions you have or meet for a beer if you are in the Seattle area.